Does Infidelity Matter in a Divorce Proceeding

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It’s a new year and new Illinois divorce laws brought significant changes to the available grounds for divorce. Previously, in situations of infidelity, one spouse could file for divorce under the ground of adultery. The individual was then charged with proving that the infidelity occurred in order to receive an order of divorce. As of… Read more »

Dealing with Divorce

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Traversing the steps of a divorce can prove to be very difficult, especially during and after the holidays. Since many divorces involve children, you may be dealing with the added challenges of an initial separation from your children, as well as your ex-spouse. This time of year is a constant reminder of family members and annual traditions… Read more »

Changes on the Way for Illinois Parentage Laws

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The Illinois legislature took vast measures to change domestic relations laws within the state. At the first of the year, modifications to divorce and custody will greatly change the method and circumstances of dissolving a marriage within Illinois. Along with custody-related changes to the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (IMDMA), the Illinois Parentage… Read more »

Changes in Store for Illinois Divorce Law

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The Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (IMDMA) will look a bit different when 2016 arrives. First created in the 1970s, the law was last updated in the 1990s. The upcoming changes reflect today’s society and take a realistic view of the situations that many couples find themselves in when trying to end their… Read more »

The Benefits of Mediating a Divorce Settlement

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One of the state’s most wealthy individuals recently settled a highly publicized divorce case, according to recent reports. As reported in the Chicago Tribune, a billionaire hedge fund manager and his wife first initiated their divorce case over a year ago. Disagreements over a prenuptial agreement, as well as custody and child support disputes, delayed… Read more »

The Legalities of Grandparents Raising Grandkids

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Grandparents can be an integral part of a child’s life. Not only do they provide the benefit of their wisdom and unconditional love, but many are also the prime caregivers for the children of their children. As reported in the Chicago Tribune, more and more grandparents are raising their grandchildren due to situations where the… Read more »

Establishing Paternity and Seeking Custody

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When a non-marital relationship results in the birth of a child, a male can face significant challenges when establishing paternity and asserting a claim for custody. If the grounds for a presumption of paternity are not met, you may need the assistance of the courts for a formal declaration of paternity and the granting of… Read more »

Modifying an Illinois Alimony Order

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A final judgment of divorce generally symbolizes the finalization of a divorce proceeding. The spouses are officially classified as divorced by the courts and custody issues are concluded. Marital property is divided and ongoing support obligations are set in place. From this point forward, the ex-spouses are responsible for following the orders of the court…. Read more »

Will a Private Investigator Help Your Divorce Case?

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It’s a scene from any number of made-for-TV movies: a cunning private detective captures photographs of the cheating spouse in the act. This is the first thought that often comes to mind when imagining the use of private investigation in a divorce matter. But there are numerous scenarios where a private investigator can prove useful… Read more »

Affecting Service in an Illinois Divorce Case

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In order to begin a divorce proceeding in the state of Illinois, the divorcing party must notify their spouse that a petition for divorce was filed with the court. This is referred to as service of process, and it is accomplished in a number of ways. You may secure the assistance of a county sheriff… Read more »