The Illinois Supreme Court Hears Arguments Regarding Jurisdiction in Child Custody Disputes

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    A court can only review a case if it has the proper jurisdiction. Basically, “jurisdiction” is a court’s power to make legal decisions and judgments. This is true in all cases, including battles over child custody. Determining whether an Illinois court has jurisdiction to review a particular child custody case depends on the… Read more »

Bringing a Dissipation Claim During a Divorce Proceeding in Illinois

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While adultery is a viable ground for divorce in Illinois, courts cannot consider extra-marital affairs when awarding alimony, or maintenance. (Remember that maintenance is what one spouse pays to the other to ensure that divorce does not impoverish a lower-earning spouse.) However, adultery can affect the division of marital property, particularly if your spouse brings… Read more »

Petitioning for a Divorce in Illinois

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Married couples have three legal de-coupling options: annulment, legal separation and divorce (or dissolution of marriage). Annulment, which treats the marriage like it never happened, is only available in limited circumstances. A couple that legally separates is still married but may maintain separate residences and invoke judicial means to determine each party’s financial rights and… Read more »

Making Child Custody Arrangements

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Divorce is often fraught with complications, particularly when the marriage produced children. In fact, child custody is often the most contentious aspect of a divorce proceeding. The Best Interests Standard Illinois courts adhere to the best interests standard when deciding child custody issues. In other words, courts base these decisions on what custody arrangement is best for… Read more »

Sharing Child Custody

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  A divorce can become much more complicated with child custody issues.  Indeed, when divorcing spouses disagree about child custody in Illinois, the divorce process can grow contentious.  How do Illinois courts determine custody, and how can parents help to make their child custody arrangement work?   Child Custody Law in Illinois Under Illinois law,… Read more »

Determining Property Division in Divorce

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  When you’re considering divorce in Illinois, it’s important to understand how property division works.  Divorce law can be complicated and contentious, and you should always discuss your situation with an experienced Wheaton divorce lawyer.   Equal vs. Equitable: Equitable Division of Property in Illinois   First thing’s first: under Illinois law, marital property is divided equitably.  What… Read more »