Wheaton Family Mediator

Confidential Mediation to Reach Agreements

Attorney Elizabeth Chacko is an Illinois-certified Wheaton family mediator as well as a family law attorney. At the Law Office of Elizabeth J. Chacko, P.C., we have discovered that there are several common misconceptions about mediation that we’d like to clarify.

  • Mediation is confidential — Mediators will not testify in court. If the mediation should break down, nothing said during mediation can be mentioned by the mediator in divorce court.
  • Mediators do not choose sides — A mediator will not offer an opinion or try to convince one party to change his or her mind. The mediator is always neutral.
  • Mediation is nonbinding — It is a voluntary process that helps the parties reach an agreement.
  • Mediation does not involve lawyers — Although the mediator may be an attorney, neither party is allowed to bring an attorney to the mediation process.

Attorney Chacko frequently acts as a DuPage Court recommended mediator. You may contact our law office for private mediation as well.

Lombard Divorce Mediation Lawyer

A mediator will generally try to bridge the gap between the two parties, without pushing either party in any direction. The emphasis is always on finding common territory and agreement. There are typically two types of mediation.

  • Voluntary participation is used for financial mediation or child custody issues.
  • Mandatory court-ordered mediation is used at the judge’s discretion.

Mediation has several advantages over litigation when it comes to divorce and child custody issues.

  • Mediation puts the entire family’s needs first.
  • Mediation can save time and money.
  • Mediation can reduce emotional distress.

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